A body of work that, through revisiting Art History, challenges beauty, social ideals, stigmas and such in the context of contemporary women facing Cancer. The series is divided into two parts: one is made up of Portaits of patients and surviors modeled after their favorite iconic painting of a woman, and the other, a collection of re-constructed images of iconic paintings, using contemporary source photos.


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Above: Very Short Film about the C-Prints

Barbara with Juliette as Woman with Ermine, Pencil Painting on Mylar

DETAIL Barbara with Juliette as Woman with Ermine


Whispers in the City: Contemporary Women Artists in China

Women and Children's Museum, Chengu 2010

Reaching the Peak...Nikki's Highland (Solo Exhibition)

Blue Roof Art Gallery, Chengu 2010

Figment  Art Fair, tART

Governers Island, New York City, 2010


Beauty Reconstructed, Edtition C-Print 2010-2016