SCROLL Selected Artwork 2017-2007

A portrait series dealing with street-harassment/catcalling. Women in my network sent me a photograph of themselves and their most “memorable” or “haunting” catcall (in whichever language it came to them in). I paint portraits of the women wearing a “Hello: My Name Is” tag, where the catcall replaces their name.  2013

Yo' Mama

A Bad Question: tART Collective and Smoke School of Art, Wonderoot Gallery, Atlanta Georgia 2017

Finding Ganesha, The Gang Rapes and Gulabi Gang

Made in China (Work from Residencies in Beijing and Chengdu)

Reconstructed Project

Do it Yourself Series (Friends Helping Friends)

Johnny & Nikki (and The Illusional Success Story)

L'Orange Bleue Project